Update time: 20.04.2018


Our experience - your advantage

Z&J Technologies GmbH was founded as a new company in 2002, being a merger of the Zimmermann & Jansen GmbH (Z&J) and Hermann Rappold (RACO) companies.

Employees and experience from both companies were merged to form the basis for continuing the business relationships with existing and new customers of both companies.

The main part of our core business is to manufacture high-quality and reliable valves for severe application in the Iron & Steel-, Glass-, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries. We will continue our specialisation in equipment and components for the Glass Industry, similarly we will continue the special plant supply, in particular, “Energy Recovery Turbine Units“ and “No-Bell Tops“ for Blast Furnaces in the Iron & Steel Industry.

As an innovative company we are constantly trying to develop more sophisticated products, our aim being the utmost benefit for our customers. Our products’ state of the art-technology is the result of intense and continuous research and development. With more than 125 years of experience and extensive references from our former company, we are known as an established supplier of products which function reliably and without malfunction.

High operating temperatures, large nominal sizes up to 6m dia. – by request larger – together with high frequency of operation and very long maintenance free operating periods, are our specialty.

Concerning safety and environmental compatibility, our products always fulfil the most recent and highest specifications. An extensive and internationally recognized quality management system (ISO 9001, PED 2014/68/EU) with additional international special approvals, guarantee products of the highest quality of workmanship.

Commissioning, repair and overhaul of our products, installed worldwide, also belong to our scope of supply.